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Xara Web Designer Premium Crack is a professional-level software that enables users to design a website by providing different templates. It helps all users even if they are unknown with coding. It provides you with a development environment that allows you to develop an entire website with a lot of editing features. Also, it gives you access to online templates for selecting and then, editing. You just need a creative idea and it allows you to convert your idea into reality. You can add different widgets such as Flicker slideshows, Twitter buttons, Facebook Like buttons, and many more. This tool allows you to add pictures, audio files, and videos directly to web pages. You can also add documents and PDF files. It gives you to insert charts and graphs for more interactive websites.

Xara Web Designer Premium Cracked has a very flexible user interface that you can use to edit your site in a very well manner and customize it according to your creative ideas. It has a panel where you can view all of the web pages of your sites. Here you can select any page for editing. It also gives you the facility to make web graphics through its editing tools and editing board. You can design different widgets and buttons in this software. You can design different backgrounds or you can also add any designed background to the site. It allows you to set the backgrounds fixed or scrolled. It fixes the background and when you scroll the webpage, it scrolls as well. If you select the scrolling option, then it does not scroll with the webpage. It allows you to customize the level of transparency of the background.

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Xara Web Designer Premium Serial Number enables you to add animations and transitions. You can select and choose any type of animation effects. It allows you to set the animation to layers or any linked page. When you click or hover the mouse, that select and specific effect animates the page or layer. In addition, you can select the transition and apply it on the pop-up layer or webpage. You can stick any object to your web pages. In this modern era, sticking objects is very famous and popular in web design. Moreover, you can access all of the different templates and widgets through its Online Content Catalog. You can create slideshows by selecting different pictures. It allows you to select transitions for the slideshow or you can bind the slideshow with keyboard arrow keys. You can create shapes as well as edit them.

Xara Web Designer Premium Keygen enables you to select shapes and add text. Users can change the border styles, modify color, edit transparency level, make bevels, and 3D extrude. It can convert 2D shapes and text into a 3D view. You can apply different colors and make a gradient color effect. It has a built-in and easiest tool that uses to create flash animations. In addition, you can export that animation for use on your website. It gives you different e-commerce widgets, and you can embed them directly, or you can customize them. It allows you to create an entire site as a single page. All of the content of the site is on a single webpage. In addition, it is a tool that helps designers for creating prototypes of websites. You can create a very simple design site or you can create a very complex design.

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Xara Web Designer Premium Key Features:

  • Web Designer:

With this program, you can use the web editor, which is completely free for personal use, and design your web pages using various styles and color palettes. It gives you access to templates for creating a website.

  • Illustration Tools:

Xara Web Designer Premium License Key allows you to add text, graphics, animations, and even add video to web pages. Using this feature you can easily edit text, shapes, symbols, text boxes, and many other types of elements on your page.

  • Photo Editing Tools:

It provides you with different photo editing tools. You can crop the image, rotate it at any angle, resize it, apply a watermark on it, different picture effects, and combine images. It enables you to enhance photos with its tools. You set brightness and contrast levels, saturation, and hue, and you can also compare images.

  • Add Widgets:

You can select built-in widgets from the library and use them directly. In addition, you can edit them, or users can create their widgets. You can add/insert Google Maps, YouTube Movies Player, Flash Media Player, News Feeds, etc. It allows you to add e-commerce widgets such as PayPal.

  • Add Graphs and Charts:

This feature adds graphs and charts to the website. You can create pie charts, line and bar charts, scatter points, etc. You can insert a graph into a page, edit its appearance and position, drag and drop items, and so on.

  • Publish:

With this feature, users can publish any website online as a standalone website, directly from within the program itself. They can also publish HTML pages directly to the web. If the page already contains images, the publisher can upload them directly.

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  • SEO:

Xara Web Designer Premium Serial Key helps web designers build websites that can achieve high ranks on different search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Opera Mini, Google, and Yahoo. It lets you set up custom meta tags for pages on your site, add keywords to page headers and footers, change the HTML title tag, and add a sitemap.

  • Create Web Graphics:

This tool enables designers to create and edit web graphics, including background images, buttons, icons, and more. The design process is similar to the design process in any vector graphics program, where you begin with a template and then add layers and effects to achieve the final image.

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites:

With this tool, you can easily create responsive websites for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. A professional-level website that views well on a PC screen is also suitable for viewing on a smartphone or tablet.

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  • Online Content Catalog: It is a great way to import different web templates, web pages, any kind of shape, web graphics, and icons for your websites. You can also upload your designed and saved objects to the online catalog.
  • Social Media Templates: These enable you to insert social media icons and widgets into web pages. You can upload your own custom images for social media buttons and share your work with friends and followers across the web.
  • Create Web Prototypes: A web designer can build a website mockup in minutes on his PC. With the click of a mouse, he can turn a static website into a dynamic one, with live content, animation, and a variety of widgets and graphics.
  • Sticky Objects: Xara Web Designer Premium Crack means they will not move around when you reposition the page. They stay put until you click on them again and then they spring back into their original positions.
  • Add Animation Effects: You can choose any animation and animate it to any object and layer of the webpage. It has many built-in animation effects such as dissolve, fade, slide, wave, flip, shrink, zoom, etc.
  • Stretching Background: It allows you to add a stretched image in the background of your document. You can choose to stretch the image vertically, horizontally, or both.
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What’s New In Xara Web Designer Premium Crack?

  • Compatibility: It works on different web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, etc. It is XHTML and CSS-based standard editor.
  • Xara Cloud: The Xara Cloud service lets you access all of your files and projects from any Xara Cloud-enabled device, whether it’s a Mac, PC, iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone.
  • Update Service: You will receive a notification when a new version of it is released. Your existing license remains valid and you continue to enjoy the full version of Xara Web Designer Premium.
  • Canonical Tags: It allows you to set canonical tags for duplicate content. These tags are added to help search engines such as Google find your website easier. 
  • Google Fonts: It allows you to access a wide range of free fonts from Google directly from within the program. It adds 21 new fonts and users can utilize them to design their websites more attractive.
  • Improvement in Import: A large number of improvements in import features. Now, you can import different documents more easily and quickly.
  • Page Breaks: It adds a new feature named “Page Break”. Whenever you re-order the web pages of your site, it creates a page break after each page, automatically.
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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1/10+
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Space in HDD: 500MB
  • Processor: Intel/AMD 2.0 GHz
  • Required: Internet

How to Crack and Register Xara Web Designer Premium?

  • Download Xara Web Designer Premium Crack from the button
  • After unpacking all the files, run the setup installer
  • Wait a while, and follow the setup wizard
  • Insert the key for activation
  • Run and enjoy all the features of Xara Web Designer Premium 2024

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